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Burn body fat faster than ever...

"Maximum Definition Without Losing
Your Hard Earned Muscle Mass"

Dear Friend,

You've spent hours in the gym handling heavier and heavier weights.

You've gotten stronger and packed on a lot of muscle.

But you still don't have the look of a bodybuilder!


To get that "head-turning" look, you not only have to have some muscle mass… but you also have to be "cut". And that means you need to get your body fat levels lower.

The Fastest Way To Get Into
"Head-Turning" Shape...

You may have heard the term "nitrogen retention" before. It's a very important biological process for building bigger muscles. 

Testosterone and anabolic steroids help you retain and utilize nitrogen from the protein you eat. This happens inside the nucleus of the cell which then accelerates several metabolic processes that trigger muscle growth.

So increased nitrogen will build muscle quickly... but having high nitrogen levels can help you lose body fat and get ripped, too.

A lot of bodybuilders don't know this but high nitrogen retention increases cAMP, a scientific abbreviation for cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate. This is a metabolic stimulator that helps speed up your metabolic rate.

So that's one way increased nitrogen retention gets you shredded.

The other way increased nitrogen levels get you shredded is by increased thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the conversion of body fat into heat... so excess fat is burned off your body and converted into energy.

And numerous scientific studies clearly show that increased nitrogen retention causes slight increases in body temperature... a sure sign thermogenesis is taking place.

So now that you know high nitrogen levels can not only build muscle faster... but also get you shredded beyond belief… let's talk about the compounds you need to get your body fat levels to single digit levels.

Get Ripped Stack Component #1...
Nitrobol™... A Potent Anabolic Inducer

Nitrobol is a profile optimized, rapid release protein synthesis formula consisting of a proprietary blend of eleven essential amino acids. It is designed to increase muscle mass in the shortest time possible.

The base formula of Nitrobol was originally developed to help nourish starving children in third world countries and help build their lean muscle tissue and restore health as quickly as possible.

Nitrobol is one of the most effective protein supplements ever because it has a "Net Nitrogen Utilization" (NNU) of 99%. That means that 99% of what you take in is utilized by your body! 

Nitrobol is pre-digested and fully absorbed in less than 19 minutes. This means the muscle-building aminos and nitrogen get to your muscle cells FAST to induce and support muscle hypertrophy (growth). Regular dietary protein takes up to 3 to 4 hours to be digested.

How Will Nitrobol Help Me?
  • You can build lean muscle mass as fast as possible because Nitrobol has an amazing 99% Net Absorption Rate (NAR). It goes immediately to muscle cells at precisely the right time needed for maximum muscle growth.
  • Accelerate recovery time from exercise by 50%. Grow faster from each and every workout.
  • Nitrobol increases nitrogen balance when taken between meals, after your workout and on an empty stomach before sleep. Lose stubborn body fat while building ripped muscle mass... without any dietary changes.
  • A high rate anabolic inducer - Nitrobol keeps your body in an anabolic state so you're constantly packing on muscle tissue... not tearing it down.
  • Completely absorbed within 19 minutes compared to four hours required by dietary proteins. That means high quality muscle-building raw materials are available to the muscle cells as quickly as possible.
  • A 2 gram dose of Nitrobol (4 capsules) taken at strategic times has all of the essential building blocks required for maximizing muscle mass while minimizing body fat.

Think of these Nitrobol pills as a jug of protein powder concentrated into a capsule. Because two pounds of protein powder will yield just a small amount of pure nitrogen after it is digested and assimilated. 

And the anabolic effect of Nitrobol is utterly amazing, especially when you consume lots of dietary protein along with them for extra nitrogen retention.

High Testosterone Levels
Build Muscle And Burn Fat

It's no secret that high testosterone levels increase muscle mass and strength... and also reduce body fat levels... especially around the midsection.

But how can you increase your testosterone levels safely and naturally?

During a recent vacation, I stumbled onto a bodybuilding discovery that promises to be the next big breakthrough for radically and safely increasing testosterone levels... without side effects.

See, there's a plant that grows naturally in Malaysia called Eurycoma LongifoliaTongkat Ali or Longjack for short. Years ago, somebody discovered that this plant drastically increased your sex drive. But it was also discovered…

It Shoots Your Testosterone Levels Through
The Roof And Builds Muscle Like Crazy!

When a specially prepared extract of this herb is combined in exact proportions with several other little known testosterone-stimulating nutriceuticals, an amazing synergism occurs. 

(Synergism means all of the ingredients work together to dramatically increase each others' effectiveness.)

Anectdotal evidence showed that this synergistic formula worked even better than anyone expected for testosterone increases, muscle growth, increased sexual drive, stronger erections and stamina!

Get Ripped Stack Component #2...
Jacked Up™… Testosterone Booster

Jacked Up harnesses the power of Tongkat Ali, the potent herbal compound demonstrated to increase testosterone levels even in castrated animals! 

Jacked Up works by stimulating the Pituitary gland to produce more Luteinizing Hormone (LH). This process is important because LH is what acts on the interstitial cells of the testes telling them to synthesize and secrete the male sex hormone, testosterone.

Here Are Just Some Of The
Anectdotal Benefits Of Jacked Up…

  • Up to 170% increase in testosterone levels in 45 days or less.
  • Make impressive and consistent muscle gains from each and every workout.
  • If you've ever been concerned about your performance in the bedroom, those days are over. Just 3 to 4 capsules 45 minutes before sexual activity increases sexual desire, increases blood flow to the penis causing stronger and longer-lasting erections... and a faster recovery after orgasm.
  • Does not suppress or shut down natural testosterone. Unlike hormones and steroids, Jacked Up safely boosts your body's own production of testosterone. 
  • Increased Workout Intensity. You'll tear up the gym and see continual strength and endurance gains.
  • Combats Fatigue and Increases Energy & Stamina.
  • Improves Blood Circulation. You'll get amazing pumps from your workouts!
  • Potent Antioxidant. In fact, early results from a study conducted by a Malaysian government-sponsored agency and the highly respected Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that one of the active ingredients in Jacked Up shows potent anti-cancer activity.
  • Increases & Stimulates Sexual Drive. 1 to 2 capsules of Jacked Up a day increases sexual desire and frequency of erections.
Jacked Up Has No Side Effects
  • No "Bitch Tits." Jacked Up safely elevates testosterone levels, NOT estrogen levels.
  • Anti Estrogen. Jacked Up actually reduces estrogen's ability to bind to the cell receptor.

  • No side effects whatsoever on your hormonal and endocrine systems.
  • Not Banned. Jacked Up is made from all natural, highly effective herbal extracts. Not one single ingredient is banned by the FDA or on the list of substances scheduled to be banned.

Get Ripped Stack Component #3...
Xenomine Produces 43% Faster Loss
Of Body Fat Without Side Effects!

Ephedra has been a popular compound for fat loss because it increases thermogenesis.

But Ephedra is not without risks. Some people feel jittery and "over stimulated" while taking it. And people with heart conditions can actually suffer heart palpitations if they take too much.

And most importantly, the FDA has made sales of Ephedra illegal.

So where do you turn for a safe and effective alternative to Ephedra… without side effects?

Landmark Study Proves Xenomine Dramatically
Thermogenesis... Without Side Effects

The formula in Xenomine has been proven in a landmark scientific study to increase fat burning and stimulate thermogenesis up to 43% faster!

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that one of the ingredients in Xenomine resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism), and also had a significant effect on fat oxidation.

The researchers found that this actually translated to a 35-43% increase in daytime thermogenesis!

None of the research subjects reported any side effects and no significant differences in heart rates or blood pressure were noticed.

And even more amazing is Xenomine allows your body to selectively burn ONLY fat... while sparing your hard-earned lean muscle mass.

But what makes Xenomine truly revolutionary is its ability to increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis without an increase in heart rate. No other thermogenic agent in the world has this unique ability!

So if you're sensitive to the over stimulation of Ephedra but want a product that burns off body fat, Xenomine is your answer.

How Can Xenomine Help Me Lose Body Fat?
  • Speeds metabolism up to 43% faster. Burn off body fat hour-by-hour.
  • Users report an almost immediate increase in energy.
  • Helps carbohydrates to be burned as energy rather than stored as body fat.
  • Increased mental clarity and focus, without feeling over stimulated or jittery.
  • Significantly increases thermogenesis... You'll burn stored body fat calories for energy.
  • Suppresses appetite. You won't suffer those frequent hunger pangs while dieting.
  • Preserves muscle tissue so you can be sure the weight you are losing is unwanted body fat.

If you're finally ready to shed that unwanted body fat, Xenomine can help you get that ripped "head-turning" look much faster.

Save $50.00 With The Get Ripped Stack...

Here's what you get with the "Get Ripped" Stack...

  • Component #1 - Four bottles of Nitrobol - Regular price $169.95
  • Component #2 - Four bottles of Jacked Up - Regular price $169.95
  • Component #3 - Two bottles of Xenomine - Regular price $119.90
The "Get Ripped" Stack Total Value - $459.80... but you don't have to pay the regular price...

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It's easy to order...

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As soon as you do that you'll be shipped one of the most effective cutting edge bodybuilding stacks available today for getting ripped as quickly as possible.

Rick Gray

P.S. When you order the "Get Ripped" Stack within the next 7 days you'll get these bonuses absolutely FREE...

FREE Bonus #1
"Rheo H. Blair and the Secrets of Bodybuilding Nutrition" Special Report

Rheo H. Blair was the first man recognized as a nutritional genius when it came to bodybuilding diet and supplementation. He regularly performed physique transformation "miracles" on hundreds of "less than average" bodybuilders.

Under Blair's tutelage, Jim Park went from an unknown bodybuilder with an average physique to Mr. America... in less than four months!

In this report... the most complete source in print on the Rheo Blair Program... you'll discover:

  • Blair's secret protein formula revealed. Discover exactly what was in Blair's Protein - and what made it so effective.
  • The one major component of Blair's Protein Powder missing from virtually every protein or meal replacement powder on the market today... and how you can easily add it to the product you are currently using for just a few cents a day.
  • What one single carbohydrate Blair considered essential to building lean muscle mass.
  • How the champs used Blair's Program to pack on muscle mass as quickly as possible... while maintaining a tight and defined waist.
  • How to use Blair's program to lose bodyfat and maintain muscle. One world-famous champ used Blair's Program to lose 90 lbs. of fat in just 8 months! You'll find out who that bodybuilder was and exactly how he did it.
  • Blair's $1,000 secret for "cooking" eggs to maintain nutritional value. (He usually only revealed this to his close inner circle.)
  • How to use Blair's Program with today's protein powders and supplements to get the same amazing results Blair used to get. You'll also discover a list of recommended protein powders that work just as well as Blair's now lost secret protein formula.

Rheo Blair was a true pioneer. Most of his secrets were lost after his death... until now. 

FREE Bonus #2
"Extreme Fat Loss Secrets" Special Report

The "Extreme Fat Loss Secrets" special report (a $19.95 value) gives you a day-by-day plan to make sure you are burning the maximum amount of body fat humanly possible… while retaining every single ounce of your hard-earned muscle mass.

Neither of these two reports,
"Extreme Fat Loss Secrets" and "Rheo H. Blair and The Secrets Of Bodybuilding Nutrition" are available for sale... but you get them both FREE with your "Get Ripped" Stack when you order within the next 7 days.

The Get Ripped Stack
You get...
Four bottles of Nitrobol
Four bottles of Jacked Up
Two bottles of Xenomine
Discounted Price $409.80
You save $50.00!

$14.95 US Shipping &Handling
$32.95 International 
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Here's What People Are Saying About Our Products…

"I gained 20 lbs on straight muscle..."

"Since ordering Nitrobol seven weeks ago I have gained about 20 pounds of straight muscle. 

For a long time I was stuck at 165 but today I am 186 and still growing. 

Everyone around me thinks I am on the juice but when I show them the Nitrobol bottle they want to know more."
Lionel Pope II
Orlando, FL!

"I gained muscle while losing body fat"

"Just wanted to let you know I'm seeing great results from the Nitrobol. I've just completed the first bottle and lost 5lbs of body fat and continued to gain muscle.

I've had three people come up to me this week and tell me how awesome I'm getting and I credit the Nitrobol because that is the only thing I've added.

On May 15 my weight was at 222lbs. with a bodyfat of 13.8%. Since taking the Nitrobol as of last night my bodyweight is at 213 lbs and 12% bodyfat.

I take 10 after my workout and 10 before bedtime and I can really tell the difference."
Ken Swinney
New Johnsonville, TN

"I can see my abs again!"

"I'm using a combination of Nitrobol, specifically 30 caps a day (10 before bed, 10 right after training and 10 mid afternoon between meals) and also 2 capsules of Jacked Up (1 before bed and 1 in the morning upon awakening.)

This combination is working pretty damn good. I have even had a few people ask me if I'm juicing which is a compliment at this point.

After 6 weeks so far I have experienced the rare privilege of being reintroduced to some very old friends of mine… MY ABS!!!"
Eddie De La Cruz
Bronx, NY

"I gained 30 lbs on my bench press"

"I take 12 capsules of Nitrobol immediately after every workout. I also recently started taking 10 capsules first thing in the morning.

I'm seeing great strength gains. Since starting Nitrobol my bench press is up to 215lbs from 185lbs.

I'm also seeing more definition in my midsection. I've become more solid and hard over my whole body."
Richard Smith
Phoenix, AZ

"Gained 16 lbs of Muscle!"

"I finished my first bottle of Jacked Up and I'm pretty impressed with my gains. I've put on about 16 pounds in just over a month and I've never had this much definition in my chest, back and shoulders."
Brendan Enright
Ontario, Canada

"35% Boost in Testosterone"

"I am a 44y/o podiatric physician who has been lifting since 1985. I tested my serum testosterone levels before starting Jacked Up 115 days ago. My starting testosterone levels were 719 NG/DL. My levels after 11 weeks were 951 NG/DL. My lifting went well through this time frame."
William K. Oliver III, DPM
Lafayette, Indiana

"Gained Muscle & Self Esteem"

"I am almost at the end of my 2 month course of Jacked Up - WHAT A PRODUCT!! 

I have always found it hard to gain muscle as fast as I would like, and in under 2 months that has been achieved. And like you say in the newsletter about Jacked up 'People notice the difference' and they certainly have which boosts your incentive to train (and hard). The elevation of self esteem I have gotten is too good to let go.
Anthony Kerrey
United Kingdom

The Get Ripped Stack
You get...
Four bottles of Nitrobol
Four bottles of Jacked Up
Two bottles of Xenomine
Discounted Price $409.80
You save $50.00!

$14.95 US Shipping &Handling
$32.95 International 
Shipping & Handling


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