Training the Chest For Maximum Size Gain – Part Two

Greetings fellow gym warriors.

In part one of this two-part series we covered the anatomy of the chest and some initial concepts in how to work the muscles for better shape and size.  Now that we know the location and function of the muscles we can really dive into the best ways to work your chest in order to gain optimum size and shape.

Up front disclaimer (which should be obvious): everyone is different and our bodies do not respond the same. The routines below are a starting point and are meant to give you some foundational concepts and ideas. You can use them in their entirety or incorporate parts and pieces into your current routine.

As always, results are gained through the combination of sufficient intensity, proper nutrition, supplementation, and a solid routine.

Best Chest Exercises

As I covered in part one, the chest muscles are responsible for bringing your arms up and down at your sides, to make a side pitching motion, and the motion you use when arm wrestling. This means that any movements like these that you make under load will work those muscles.

The best movements to build the chest are flyes, bench press, and pushups. It’s also very important to treat the chest as having upper, middle and lower sections in order to effectively build your pectorals and achieve the best size and balanced appearance.  These sections are focused on in the incline, flat, and decline positions, respectively.

If you have a weak chest, or if you really want to enjoy the most impact from your workouts, then use free weights. Barbells and dumbbells[i] force you to stabilize the weight yourself, as opposed to just going through the movement while a machine does all of that work for you.

Chest Building Routine

As always, performing these movements using proper form is critical. This will not only ensure that you are hitting the muscles you want to develop, but also helps prevent injury. How you execute on the specifics of the routines I suggest below will depends on how many days per week you work out and how many days you want to devote to your chest.

Choose a weight that challenges you to push out the last rep of every set. If you find the set too easy, increase your weight. If you’re really struggling to finish a set, decrease the weight. Also keep in mind that if your form is suffering because the weight you chose is too heavy, you also need to decrease the poundage.


  • BB Flat Bench Press – do three sets of eight reps
  • DB Bench Press – do two sets of eight to 10 reps
  • DB Chest Flyes – do two sets of eight to 10 reps
  • Pushups – do two sets to failure


  • BB Incline Bench Press – do three sets: 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps
  • BB Flat Bench Press – do two sets of eight reps
  • BB Decline Bench Press – do two sets of twelve reps
  • DB Chest Flyes – do two sets of 10 to 12 reps
  • Pushups – do two sets to failure


  • BB Flat Bench Press – do four sets: eight reps, six reps, six reps, four reps
  • BB Incline Bench Press – do three sets of eight reps
  • DB Bench Press – do two sets of 10 reps
  • BB Decline Bench Press – do three sets of eight reps
  • DB Chest Flyes – do two sets of 10 reps
  • Pushups – do two sets to failure

Injury Prevention – Keys To Avoid Sabotaging Your Efforts

First, overworking your chest can lead to injuries. Avoiding this can be different for each person, but a good rule of thumb is to always leave at least 48 hours between workouts. Allowing those muscles to repair between training sessions is paramount.

Next, protect your shoulders because some of the most common injuries involve the shoulder, and specifically the rotator cuff.[ii] To avoid these types of injuries, strengthen the rotator cuff by adding in some specific  auxiliary exercises (I’ll cover these in a future post). It’s a good idea to start light with the weights for these exercises.

Another way to avoid injury is to resist trying to show off. If you tear a pec muscle trying to lift too much, you’re going to seriously set back your training, possibly disfigure yourself for life, and might even require surgery to repair the damage. Some exercises you can do to avoid these types of injuries include Doorway Stretch, Cuban Press Rotation, Cable External Rotation, Cable Internal Rotation, 90-Degree Dumbbell and External Rotation.[iii]

Here are a couple more that will be obvious to most, but are still worth mentioning…

Use your thumbs[iv] – when you use a thumbless grip, you risk the bar slipping out of your hands and landing on you. That would hurt. A lot.

Ask someone to spot you. This will help if you get stuck on that last rep. The point of a spotter is to stand there and help you push through the last rep if you need it. If you’re using such a heavy weight that your spotter needs to help you up on the last three reps, you need to lower your weight.


Building a solid slab of beef on your chest isn’t impossible; it just takes some time. Make sure you hit your upper, mid, and lower chest in order to build well-balanced musculature. Bench press, chest flyes, and pushups are the most effective way to hit all those muscles and build some solid pectoral muscles. Use proper form and make sure you use a weight that is appropriate to your strength to avoid injury. You’ll see some improvements very quickly!

Questions or thoughts? Please share below…





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  1. John
    5 years ago

    Hi Rick,

    A good 2-parter – thanks for that.

    No thoughts about including DB Pullover and/or Cable X-Over to introduce a little variety for the Intermediate or Advanced trainer?

    All the best,

  2. Rick Gray
    5 years ago

    Hey John, yeah – those are both great exercises to throw in – just had to narrow it down for the lists! You could definitely add the crossovers in the intermediate and the pullovers in the advanced. I cover the value of pullover in the Muscle Overload Training manual – great for increasing the volume and shape of the chest/rib-cage.

  3. moncef
    5 years ago

    Yeah ,i found it a good exercise for chest ( intermediate) but what about Dips and using dumbbells for chest training

  4. m jamal
    5 years ago

    Found the supporting exercises interesting (Cable External Rotation, Cable Internal Rotation)… I need to
    build these into my workouts.

    I got the same question as moncef: what about Dips?

    At one stage I've tried the decline bench press but I wasn't feeling it hit my chest muscles (unlike the
    incline which I feel right away). I'm just wondering on those two: Dips vs. decline… same effect?
    If I do Dips shall I also include decline?

    M. Jamal

    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      Hey Jamal and Moncef (I'll kill two birds with one stone here). Yes, dips are a fantastic exercise for the chest WHEN done at the right angle. It's best to do them on V-bar so that your elbows are out wider and you can get your upper and lower body in a more "forward" position (legs out in front of you instead of bent and behind you). If your elbows are close to your body, your feet are back, and your chest up, you're mostly training your triceps.

      If you don't have access to a V-bar, then adjust your grip on the regular dip bars so that your elbows are flared out (your palms will be at an angle, not in-line with the handles) and keep your legs hanging and slightly in front of your center of mass. To balance this your upper body will also come forward of neutral a bit as well. On the negative, really focus on supporting with your pecs as much as possible, and focus the squeeze in your pecs on the way up.

      Try this variation and I think you'll really notice it the next day!

  5. rick
    5 years ago


  6. Koth Ganesh
    5 years ago


    A comprehensive two parter on the chest. I am going to put this to use right away. I would love to see your shoulder fix since I do have an achy, weaker left shoulder.



    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      Hey Koth, sorry for the slow reply on this. Have you checked out Mike Westerdal's "Fix My Shoulder Pain" product? I think that'd be a great place for you to start for a comprehensive solution.

  7. Rob lasky
    5 years ago

    First, I am on my second week of invincible. I love it. At 50 yo, having used almost every brand to find the effect of these types of pre workout boosters that I found in gen 1 products that seem to have been "water downed" over time or as " new and improved;" then, either ripping my heart out and unable to come down without a "crash," to nothing, to having the shits and those associated pains, invincible seems perfect. Due to work, I don't hit the gym until 1630ish, and I haven't had an issue hitting the rack at my normal time, 2230 ish.

    Second, I appreciate chest work out tips, perhaps I missed the jist, but, part one you refer to 10×10 as being all one needs, then there is pt II that seems to hit every angle with an enormous amount of work for one body part.

    Guidance on the 10×10, is based on 60% and pt II is typical barely completion on each set. But, with all this great info, I tracked the 48 hours but, what about time between sets. I can see pt I having a minute between sets but, pt II with the lower reps, suggesting heavier weight, would one go with the typical 1-3 minutes…or longer?


    Rob Lasky

    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      Hey Rob, glad you like Invincible! It's one of my favorite new products :) (sorry for the slow reply on this, btw).

      To answer your question on the time between sets in the 2nd article, I would still keep them at 1 minute for the beginner and intermediate workouts, and between 60-90 seconds on the advanced. Yes, we're doing lower sets per exercise, but we're also doing a lot more, so the total volume is a bit more, and we still want to get a full fatigue…thus I personally wouldn't wait more than 60 seconds between sets until perhaps late in the workout where I might stretch it to 90 seconds. Hope that helps!

  8. andrew
    5 years ago

    i personally find doing all that in one workout is too much! there all good exercises but if you have worked hard enough, a couple of sets is all thats needed! doing more sets just makes recovery longer! personally id do flat bench press 3×3 or 5×2 or 6×1 for my strength then when i wanna work the muscle id do supersets, machine flyes 6-10reps supersetted with immediate incline bench press about 5rep! go to failure on both exercises and only do couple of sets!
    give it ago!

    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Andrew. Yeah, everyone's body responds differently – and if what you're doing is working for you to get you to where you want to be, don't fix what ain't broke :) For those that haven't found something that's working, hopefully one of the workouts does the trick for them.

  9. Michael B.
    5 years ago

    I'm having a problem deciding between cutting and bulking. I'm gettin pretty large, but I have almost NO definition. I dont want to sacrifice size for cut though, but iI seriously need to lose weight. I'm kinda stuck at a cross roads

    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      Hey Michael, great question. I would say that if you're lacking definition then you do need to cut down on the body fat…and if you do it properly you won't lose too much actual mass. There are quite a few ways to do this, but the gist of it can be boiled down to cutting your calories to about 500 below your maintenance levels each day, focusing on high protein and high fat, low carbs. In fact I would keep the carbs under 100g per day, and consume those post-workout and right before bed – split 50/50. Get 1-2 burst/HIIT cardio sessions in per week, and/or switch up your workouts to a medium-rep/low-rest-period full-body circuit that keeps your heart-rate elevated throughout the workout. Recommended resources are "Engineering the Alpha" by John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein, as well as the 14-Day Fat Loss program by Shaun Hadsall, which you can check out here:…. Hope that helps!

  10. Angelina
    4 years ago

    Found the sustaining exercises exciting e.g. Cable External Rotation, Cable Internal Rotation – I’d love to add them into my routine workouts. Thanks a lot for sharing. Cheers

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