How To Gain Muscle Mass As Quickly As Genetically Possible

Let’s speak candidly for a moment…

I struggled for years not making any gains.

I was so frustrated and didn’t understand why. I busted my ass in the gym. The gym owner used to tell me I was one of the hardest training guys there… so why wasn’t I gaining muscular bodyweight?

It might surprise you to hear it wasn’t improper supplementation.

While that obviously plays a role, the main reason I had trouble gaining all those years ago was my diet.

I simply didn’t realize how much food it took to gain muscle.

Think about it like this…

Your muscle after a proper workout is like a glass looking to be filled up with water so it can grow. Knowing this, you go outside and hold the glass up in the rain, but it’s only drizzling a little (this is akin to inadequate/improper nutrition).

How fast is that water glass going to fill up?

The reality is IT’S NOT.

Now go outside in a downpour and see how fast your glass fills up!

Get it?

Your muscles need a ‘downpour’ if they are going to make gains.

When I really got serious about my bulking cycle I was eating a little over 350 grams of protein per day, and heaven knows how many calories!

I didn’t count calories but it was a lot! I was eating at least six times a day and drinking a gallon of milk every day.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it was easy to stay on that schedule and eat all that food day in and day out. But was it worth it? I’d say so.

After about ten weeks I had gained 25 lbs with approximately 13% body fat. Granted, I put on some body fat but that’s a lot of muscle put on in only ten weeks!

I was definitely in a “bulked up” condition with a slightly higher body fat percentage than I started with, but I sure was a lot bigger!

And EVERYBODY noticed.

So if you’ve been on my list you’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again…

To Gain Muscle Mass You Have To Eat A Lot Of High Quality Protein, Fat, Carbs and Calories Spread Out Over 5 To 8 Meals…

Every Single Day!

I have found the easiest way to do that is by making 3 – 4 of those meals food and 3 – 4 of those meals ‘liquid’ with good protein and supplementation.

We’ll get more into the specifics in some later posts, but I wanted to put this out there again, and enforce just how key diet was to my breakthrough.

Train Hard,

PS: A couple folks have asked us about the best nutrition resources to overhaul/tweak their diets for best gains. We recommended this about a month ago, and if you didn’t pick it up, it’s a fantastic place to start.

PPS: Lean mass is also affected by the supplements you take – and there are a few that need to be in your arsenal now matter how much you eat.  This is one of them.


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  1. bob g
    6 years ago

    Rick – Great article – Proper supplementation, along w/ the right workout will make for gain.

    • Rick Gray
      6 years ago

      Thanks Bob. Yep, putting on mass isn't rocket science, but it does take the right combo of factors to see results…and the discipline to stick with it long enough to see it happen!

  2. Bruce Martin
    6 years ago

    Is the only way to receive this as a downloadable version. I would prefer t have it as a handheld version

    • Rick Gray
      6 years ago

      Hey Bruce – what download are you referring to?

  3. Manny
    5 years ago

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  6. Nissan
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  7. Vilma Robbins
    10 months ago