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Anabolic Secrets eJournal
Issue 1

In This Issue...

"What Kind Of Gains Can You Really
Make With Anabolic Steroids?"

Dear Friend,

Welcome to another edition of The Anabolic Secrets eJournal!

I apologize if you recently received my "welcome" message a second time. I migrated my list to a new server and it automatically sent that message as if you were a new subscriber. Sorry about that. Sometimes I'm just a tech dummy!

Just to remind you, since we haven't spoken in a while...The Anabolic Secrets eJournal is for the "hard core" guys!

Like I've already warned you, we're going to cover some stuff that would be considered taboo. But I'm assuming that you're an intelligent, open-minded adult capable of making informed decisions about your life and your bodybuilding goals.

One of the topics in this eJournal we'll be exploring is anabolic steroids. Heck, even people who choose not to use anabolic steroids ask me all kinds of questions about them.

Let me tell you...a LOT of what you've been told about anabolic steroids is pure BS! I'll be exposing all the lies in this eJournal.


Ever wondered what you can REALLY do in one year with anabolic steroids? ... then meet Chris Hart - son of anabolic steroid and bodybuilding expert Mick Hart.

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100% pure lean muscle gains...

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...Just safe and intelligent use of steroids combined with correct training, rest and nutrition.

Do you want to know more about how Mick Hart radically transformed his 23 year old son's body from a regular guy's into a his dream physique in LESS than 1 year?

Then click here to take a look at what is probably the most useful steroid information ever written, and learn about Mick Hart's fabulous "Layman's Guides to Steroids".

As Mick say, and I agree fully with him...

"If you want to cut through the crap and complicated scientific explanations that no one can understand, and get real, hard hitting, 100% useful anabolic steroids knowledge, explained in "layman's terms", then this may be the most important information you will ever read..."

Getting hold of REAL anabolic steroid information is not easy, and that is why I can give this information my 100% full backing.

Go take a look for yourself by clicking here.

Here's a small sampling of the incredible feedback that these steroid guides have received. Go to the website to see more.

"I learned more about steroids from these two books than I did from over ten years gym time. I also learned that using anabolic steroids need not be as dangerous and haphazard as I previously thought. Along with this the books also contain a lot of nutritional and training information that made me approach my training in a completely different and much more productive way.

I seriously recommend these manuals to anybody who not only cares about their training but about their health. Serious information delivered in a manner everyone can understand.

A great read."

- Davyk
Liverpool, England

Mick Hart's Layman's Guides to Steroids - Click here to learn more


That's all for now.

Until the next issue,
Richard Gray

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Copyright 2004 by Richard Gray

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