Why Timing Supplements/Nutrition Can Make or Break Your Results

Picking up from where we left off in a previous post, I’m going to share a little known post-workout secret related to supplementation/nutrition that will catapult the muscle you can gain from each and every workout.

A lot of guys tell me they want to pack on as much muscle as they can, but most of them don’t want to do the little things that have a big impact on muscle gains.

So to make sure you don’t do the same as these other bodybuilders, I’m going to share a common mistake I see most bodybuilders making.

They don’t take advantage of the most important “window of opportunity” to build muscle mass…The post workout meal.

You may have heard of the importance of taking a post-workout meal before. Many “experts” say that as long as you take a meal containing carbohydrates and protein within 90 minutes after your workout you’ll be using this “window of opportunity” for muscle growth.

I disagree.

Why would you wait so long for the most critical time of your recovery and muscle growth?

Cortisol is rapidly rising right after the workout and if you don’t do something to put a stop to it…it’s going to eat away at your muscle gains.

To stop cortisol from rising here’s what you need to do:

Immediately after your last set, grab your bottle of water and down at least 10 to 15 capsules of Nitrobol. Take 20 capsules if you’re over 200 pounds.

If you don’t have Nitrobol, then you can use BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids), but the effect won’t be as potent. If you’re using BCAA’s then you need to take about 15 to 20 GRAMS (not milligrams).

The Nitrobol will hit your bloodstream within 8 to 12 minutes and will be rushed to the areas pumped with blood. This will contribute to faster recovery which means faster size and strength gains.

Then about 10 to 15 minutes after you take the Nitrobol, you should drink your post-workout shake.

This shake should contain high-glycemic carbohydrates and protein.

Why high-glycemic carbs?

Two reasons:

1. Insulin and cortisol are antagonistic, meaning when your insulin levels are high, cortisol is driven out of your body.  This tilts your testosterone to cortisol ratio in favor of testosterone. This is a good thing.

2. If you’ve done a hard workout, your muscles will be depleted of glycogen because you used it for energy during your workout. Your muscles are literally screaming for some carbohydrates right after the workout.  They will quickly absorb the carbs so it’s important to get them into your body as fast as possible while the absorption rate is maximized.

High glycemic carbs do just that… get to your muscles quickly to replenish glycogen stores.

(waxy-maize and maltodextrin are great sources for this purpose)

While your body is in this quick uptake mode, you can use the insulin release from the high glycemic carbs to shuttle other anabolic nutrients like Nitrobol into your muscle cells exactly when it is needed most… right after your workout.

Ok, keep after it, and…

Train Hard,

PS: The post workout window is a pivotal window of opportunity blown by many bodybuilders. Sometimes it’s from lack of information and sometimes it’s from sheer laziness…there’s no excuse for the latter. One of the absolute premiere options to fill that window is Nitrobol. If you don’t have Nitrobol (why not?!?), BCAAs are the next best option.

PPS: We’re in the process of formulating a new post-workout formula to take after your Nitrobol…it’ll meet all of your post-workout nutrition needs, and then some!  It’ll be a bit more before we’ve got it perfected and ready for sale, but just putting the thought out there for now :)

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  1. Justin Redhead
    6 years ago

    Hi there, just a quick question, i have a bottle of BCCA (not nitrobol) and it says to take 1 tablet a day 15min after a workout, after reading this artical above it seems that 1 a day is no where near enough. Your thoughts on this ???? Justin, Sydney, Australia

    • Rick Gray
      6 years ago

      Hey Justin. How many grams is 1 tablet? Unless it's HUGE, I'm guessing 1 won't cut it… Take a look at the supplement facts and see how many grams are in 1 tablet, then just take enough to equal 15 to 20 grams post-workout. To give you an idea, most BCAA powders require a full teaspoon to equal about 5g of BCAA. That would make 3 full teaspoons for 15g. (And if you've ever tried mixing raw BCAA's in anything, you know they taste horrible. That's why Nitrobol currently comes only in capsules – no taste! Although our secret lab nerds are working on making a drink-version now that actually tastes good.) So unless your 1 tablet is the size of 3 teaspoons, you'll probably need to take a few more at a time. Does that help?

      • Justin Redhead
        6 years ago

        Yes, that does help, thankyou, each tablet is 1.2 grams so im going to need to take quite a few more. Cheers, Justin

        • Rick Gray
          6 years ago

          No problem – you should see an improvement if you're taking 15 or so of those instead of 1!

  2. David medgie
    6 years ago

    Keep me up to date about this new product

    • Rick Gray
      6 years ago

      Hey David, we will – as soon as it's ready we'll let everyone know that's on our email list.

  3. Tim K
    6 years ago

    Hey Rick,
    I've tried using a powder BCAA after work outs before, but it seems to really upset my stomach. The stuff does taste absolutely DISGUSTING, so I don't know if my stomach's upset because of the BCAAs themselves or because I wanna chuck just trying to get them down the hatch. Have you run into BCAA causing nausia? I'm curious your take on this.

    • Rick Gray
      6 years ago

      Hi Tim, yes – you're dead on – BCAA's by themselves are REALLY bitter, taste horrible, and don't mix well. The taste is very hard to mask even in powdered drinks when there are actually enough BCAAs to be worth anything, which is why we haven't come out with a drink mix yet and why our BCAA-blend Nitrobol is in capsule form. So, without making it too much of a plug for Nitrobol, if you're in need of a high-quality amino blend (which you are if you're trying add lean mass), then give Nitrobol a try. Doesn't taste like anything since it's capsules and I imagine that's really what's messing with your stomach – the horrible taste! We're working on a drink at the moment, but as I mentioned, it's trick to get right on the taste and quality side…but hopefully by mid-this year we'll have it ready to go :)

      • Mike
        5 years ago

        I have a suggestion re taking BCAA powder: Before you go to the gym, take a ripe banana (with brown spots, the riper the better) and smush it up in a bowl with a spoon. It quickly becomes like a pudding glop. Now, into this mix your BCAA powder, as much as you need. If needed add a little water so you end up with a 'pudding' like consistency. Scrape this into a wide-mouth jar with a tight fitting lid and take it with you to the gym (along with a plastic spoon to eat it with, of course). It actually tastes pretty good. You can also add whey protein powder, or peanut or almond butter for flavor and fats.

        • Rick Gray
          5 years ago

          Hey Mike, thanks for the tip…never heard of that before and I was pretty sure I've heard everything!

        • Nathan
          5 years ago

          Hey mike, what's your email??

  4. nathan
    5 years ago

    Hey Rick.
    I'm currently on Elliott Hulse LHM reloaded. He suggests to have like 4-6 teaspoons of bcaa on our fast day. Apparently it help stop your body from turning on itself while waiting for food.

    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      That's correct – BCAAs help keep your nitrogen balance positive and keep your body from breaking down the protein in your muscle when you're not eating. Our Nitrobol product is designed to help with just that, and it's got more than just BCAAs included.

  5. NatTheNatural
    5 years ago

    Hey Rick.

  6. Bob P
    5 years ago

    You were right Rick, that is great info and I will put it to good use. I just wish that I could find a diet that would help. I realize that its 70% diet and 30% the gym, but I just struggle to find diet that I can stick to…

    Again thank you!!

    Bob P.

    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      Thanks Bob (and sorry for the super late reply). What's your primary goal at the moment? That'll determine what your diet ends up being….

  7. damazurk
    5 years ago

    I take Nitrobol right after the workout. I am confused on how many grams of high glycemic carbs to take after the workout. I add honey and eat raisins with my post workout drink but not sure how much I consume to met your recommendation

    • Rick Gray
      5 years ago

      Honey isn't a bad idea, but I wouldn't go with the raisins post-workout – they'll take a while to get through your system. Taking something like dextrose, malto-dextrin, or waxy maize – things that are faster acting – is better to get into your system. Dextrose is a mono-sacharide – meaning only 1 sugar molecule – so it's very fast acting and absorbed within minutes. If you're below 15% body fat and had a strong workout, you can get by on 30-40g of post workout high GI carbs. If you're above 15% bodyfat, keep it to 20g or below – and if your goal is fat loss, don't take any at all…just whey protein with high leucine content to get the insulin response and trigger protein synthesis. For the Dextrose, NOW brand has a huge 10lb tub on Amazon I've used before that's a great value…mixing a couple scoops of that with our protein powder is a fantastic postworkout shake to take with your Nitrobol.

  8. Zhou Nutrition
    2 years ago

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  9. Korimana
    1 year ago

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  10. John
    1 year ago

    Yes, it is true that BCAAs help keeps your nitrogen balance positive and keep your body from breaking down the protein in your muscle when you're not eating. There are many people who like Milf dating nowadays. It is really easy to check now. Anyway, I will try this supplements for me.

  11. Allen
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  12. Alex
    10 months ago

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  13. Daneiel Martinez
    4 months ago

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